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Lawn Care : How to Take Care of a Bald Spot in Your Lawn

Lawn Maintenance, Part 1: Evaluation & Preparation – Call Us @ (859) 489-4456

Developing a lawn care strategy doesn’t have to be complicated.  With a little thought as to what your goals are: 1.Cost Effectiveness , 2.Enviormental Impact, 3.Evaluating Nutrient Reqirements, 4.Application Method.  Following a well planned lawn fertilization program will provide the lawn you want. – Call Us @ (859) 489-4456

Controlling Rain Water Run Off is a great way to help preserve our environment and utilize water that could be saved to hydrate our garden, flower beds and trees during a dry period.  Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels are effective solutions to be considered.

Lawn Maintenance, Part 1: Evaluation & Preparation provides lawn care maintenance tips to our community both online and while we are working to provide our customers a great experience with our lawn service.

Lawn Care : How to Take Care of a Bald Spot in Your Lawn  wants to help make your lawn an enjoyable part of life.  We have been maintaining lawns for 15 plus years in the Lexington, Ky Area.

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Larry Colliver
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