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Specialties is owned and operated by Larry Colliver.  I specialize in personally caring for client properties at optimum levels of lawn service. Customer satisfaction in having their properties stand out as clean, inviting and enjoyable locations has resulted in many long term business friendships.


Established in 1998

Larry Colliver’s background includes providing services to Central Kentucky businesses and industries.  Later while tending  farms for family the transistion to lawncare began, which in many ways are closely related businesses.  Starting in 1998 he maintained some lawns, then by word of mouth referrals he soon had a full time business that is still on going as : Larry Colliver, Lawncare in Lexington Ky.

Meet the Business Owner: Larry Colliver

From any early age Larry Colliver learned the value of being a hard worker in the family farming enterprises (the “willing” part came much later).  Enjoying the fruits of labor came with the territory.  As life goes and adjustments in life take place, the satisfaction found in working with the combination of useful skills and being outdoors never diminished.  Lawn care work as a career is not the highest calling until you throw ” a passion to provide exceptional service and value to others ” into the arena.  So, if you see Larry out on a lawnmower about town.  You’ve looking at a very content guy.


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Larry Colliver
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Larry Colliver
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